Octagon Village

Octagon Village is considered to be one of the finest low-cost housing projects in Bacolod. It features lovely homes, which homeowners can definitely be proud of, and at the same time, would not create such a huge dent in the pockets. It is made and built to give meaning to both affordability and beauty.

Octagon Village is a heartwarming subdivision that was unveiled in 1994. It gives average income earners the chance to build their dream house without necessarily spending so much for it. This means that getting a property at this lovely subdivision would mean being able to own your own home without sacrificing your family’s financial needs. Hence, it is truly beneficial on the financial side.

Another great feature of Octagon Village is that it is located near the boundaries of Bacolod and Talisay City. You get to enjoy a wonderful view of Mt. Marapara, thereby giving you the pleasure of enjoying fresh air, cool gusts of wind, and a lovely morning and evening ambiance. And, there is absolutely no need to worry about the essential modern necessities of life, because you will be able to reach them all with only a few minutes’ drive.

For instance, if you and your family would like to dine in some fancy restaurant, you can choose from those that are located at Robinson’s Place Bacolod, or those that line Lacson St. Shopping does not have to be tiring, because the stores found in Robinson’s Place will give you access to a wide array of clothes, shoes, houseware, school essentials, food and many more. Your kids’ education is not a problem as well since you got good schools such as St. Scholastica’s Academy and University of St. La Salle just a few minutes’ drive away. For your healthcare needs, the Riverside Medical Center, one of Bacolod’s finest state-of-the-art hospitals, and Doctor’s Hospital, are just a couple of minutes away.

So you see, owning a home that can give you both a relaxing time, as well as the modern conveniences that you have been used to, is not burdensome. With the great deals being offered at Octagon Village, you will surely be able to enjoy living in Bacolod City.