Bacolod Memorial Park

Bacolod Memorial Park is a testament to the great minds behind the success of Teresa Development Corp. From the time that it broke ground in 1966, it has now become one of the city’s finest landmarks.

Bacolod Memorial Park can be defined as the perfect resting place for a loved one. The area is a masterpiece in itself, providing a feeling of serenity and calm as one drives through the entrance. You will be greeted by well-taken cared of greenery, exemplifying the message of love and care. The plots are arranged in such an orderly manner that you will totally feel comforted. The lovely trees that line the main pathway, as well as those that are located near some of the plots, give the message of tranquility and stillness.

From the entrance, you will be able to see the chapel afar, sitting right at the center of the vast expanse of greenery, giving solace to bereaved families and friends. The chapel provides an area where you can easily find some quiet time and to simply rest in the solitude of the place.

Just nearby is the reception hall, which provides a resting area for those who grieve and express their sympathy to bereaved families. The hall is adequately furnished, and is built in a manner to allow the proper ventilation.  
The beauty and still ambiance of Bacolod Memorial Park is further highlighted by the lovely mausoleums that line the sides, as well as those that are located in the inner area of the park. They are so carefully designed and built, the word beautiful will come so easily to mind as you behold them.

In terms of the price, there is no doubt about it, because you will always be getting value for a price that is truly affordable. There are a host of packages that you can choose from, one that will provide future security without creating a huge dent in the budget.

With the beauty and affordability offered by Bacolod Memorial Park, now is the best time to prepare for the eventualities of life and rid your family of the worries when such time comes.