Bacolod Memorial Park - A Beautiful and Serene Resting Place for the Dearly Departed

Bacolod Memorial Park is the first memorial park developed in Western Visayas. It started its journey towards being the premiere memorial sanctuary in the city way back in 1966. Established by Teresa Development Corporation and its visionary chairman, Mr. Ramon Lacson, the memorial park was envisioned to truly define what a perfect resting place is, and this has indeed come true. Today, Bacolod Memorial Park is synonymous to Bacolod City, and has become one of the most revered landmarks that the city is truly proud of.

Why choose Bacolod Memorial Park to be the final resting place of your dearly departed?

Everything about Bacolod Memorial Park signifies perfection and solitude.

It is a vast expanse of greenery that makes you remember a quiet and peaceful time, which is a far cry from the busy hustles and bustles of city life.

From the entrance, you could see the beautiful and tasteful arrangement of the plots. Delicately and finely constructed mausoleums line the sides of the park, likening the setup to that of a kingly courtyard. A traditional chapel sits at the heart of the park, providing a place of comfort for loved ones who shall come to visit their beloved. A multi-purpose hall awaits those who wish to find some reprieve after long hours of giving strength and support to bereaved families. Caretakers make sure that the park preserves the quality of the greenery and that plots always look their finest.

The elegance, beauty, relaxing ambiance and excellent amenities in Bacolod Memorial Park, make it by far the best final resting place for a loved one.

With all the great things that the memorial park has to offer, many people thought that the price is not anywhere near affordable. However, this entirely was a misconception. You will be quite surprised that Bacolod Memorial Park is actually a haven minus the high price tag. Discover it yourself.