Rose Lawns Memorial Park

Rose Lawns Memorial Park is one of the best memorial parks in Bacolod City. It sits in a vast 20 hectare property, providing both the serene and calming atmosphere that a lot of people usually look for. Cool winds coming from the direction of Mt. Marapara will certainly give a relaxing ambiance that families can treasure.

Rose Lawns Memorial Park was made to cater to the average income earner. It is an opportunity to be able to secure something inevitable in the future, at such a reasonable price, at the same time, enjoy the beauty and luxury of the park.

Here, you will find manicured lawns, lovely trees, well-designed plots and grandiose designs that create an overall relaxing and totally serene ambiance. A sense of coming home is achieved upon passing the entrance, allowing you to be one with nature. Everything about the park exudes cam and tranquility, thereby making it a fine choice for a resting place.

Aside from the fact that Rose Lawns offers affordable packages, one thing that makes it also a fine choice is that it is now adjacent to Acropolis Gardens, Sanctuary for Memorialization and Cremation, which is Bacolod’s finest memorial chapel to date, featuring state-of-the-art amenities, giving bereaved families the comfort and luxury that they deserve. From the terrace of the chapels at Acropolis Gardens, one can immediately see Rose Lawns Memorial Park in all its grandeur.