Why Invest in Bacolod Memorial Park Lots?

A lot of people today are investing in Bacolod memorial park lots. Many have come to realize that life is too short, and if there is one thing that is certain in this life, it is the reality of death. Sooner or later, a loved one may have to say goodbye for good. And when the time comes, one should not only be prepared emotionally but financially as well. Being able to prepare for it early on will leave a lesser burden to families who are left behind.

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Why choose Goldcrest Village?

Why choose Goldcrest Village to raise your family?

Goldcrest Village is a premiere subdivision in Bacolod City. It was conceptualized and built by one of Bacolod’s leading real estate developers – Teresa Development Corporation. It opened in 1988, providing quality subdivision lots and homes at reasonable prices for the Negrenses and for those coming from other regions in the Philippines.

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Goldcrest Village

Goldcrest Village is one of the ever-expanding subdivisions in Bacolod City. A quality project of Teresa Development Corporation, Goldcrest is strategically located, allowing you the serene atmosphere that you desire, at the same time, providing you with a means to enjoy the luxuries of modern living.

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