Rose Lawns Memorial Park
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    Memorial Park

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    Bacolod Memorial Park

    A beautiful and traditional landmark of the City of Smiles...
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    Rose Lawns

    Memorial Park

    A serene landscape for your eternal rest

    Rose Lawns Memorial Park

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    A Sanctuary for Memorialization and Cremation

    Acropolis Gardens

    Where the life of a dearly departed is celebrated...
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Terra Plaza

Looking for that perfect location for your business? Then check out Terra Plaza - the right hub for small, medium and large-scale entrepreneurs, who are always on the lookout for a good area where their products can achieve maximum visibility.

Terra Plaza is constantly flooded by people from all walks of life and from varying age-group levels. Students from La Consolacion College, professionals and employees from surrounding establishments, never fail to check out the new offerings of novelty shops and food stations at Terra Plaza. So it’s nothing but normal for you to find the area jam-packed with people. You just have to bear the chatter and sometimes boisterous laughter of students who are all seemingly having a good time.

So considering that Terra Plaza is located right at the center of one of the busiest commercial hubs in Bacolod, where jeepneys coming from both north and south of the city pass by, and just within arms’ reach of one of the biggest colleges in Bacolod City, your business will certainly be overwhelmed at the market that you will be able to capture once you have found .




Terra-I Building

Terra Building is a testament of tradition, values and ethical business practices. It is where you will find the chain that binds the different real estate development projects of Teresa Development Corporation.

The building itself is an icon in Bacolod City, having witnessed the ups and downs of the local economy, and having been a source of hope and strength of many local families, who were provided with opportunities by TDC.

Today, Terra Building continues to be one of the landmarks of the city, showcasing the fervor of the Negrenses.




Rose Lawns Memorial Park

Rose Lawns Memorial Park is a sprawling 20-hectare greenery that provides a beautiful resting place for a beloved. It meets the financial capacity of the average wage earner, without compromising the quality of service, aura and beauty of the place. Lush palms and lovely trees make this Rose Lawns a place of solitude that will last for a lifetime.

Rose Lawns Memorial Park is one of the best memorial parks in Bacolod City. It sits in a vast 20 hectare property, providing both the serene and calming atmosphere that a lot of people usually look for. Cool winds coming from the direction of Mt. Marapara will certainly give a relaxing ambiance that families can treasure.

Rose Lawns Memorial Park was made to cater to the average income earner. It is an opportunity to be able to secure something inevitable in the future, at such a reasonable price, at the same time, enjoy the beauty and luxury of the park.

Here, you will find manicured lawns, lovely trees, well-designed plots and grandiose designs that create an overall relaxing and totally serene ambiance. A sense of coming home is achieved upon passing the entrance, allowing you to be one with nature. Everything about the park exudes cam and tranquility, thereby making it a fine choice for a resting place.

Aside from the fact that Rose Lawns offers affordable packages, one thing that makes it also a fine choice is that it is now adjacent to Acropolis Gardens, Sanctuary for Memorialization and Cremation, which is Bacolod’s finest memorial chapel to date, featuring state-of-the-art amenities, giving bereaved families the comfort and luxury that they deserve. From the terrace of the chapels at Acropolis Gardens, one can immediately see Rose Lawns Memorial Park in all its grandeur.


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The Acropolis Gardens

Acropolis Gardens is the newest and most advanced memorial chapels in Bacolod City. It has a serene and relaxing ambiance, and chapels that befit a dearly departed the honor and reverence he deserves. Combining traditional values and modern conveniences, Acropolis Gardens is the finest in death care services.

Acropolis Gardens, Sanctuary for Memorialization and Cremation, is the finest memorial chapel in Bacolod City. It is the first memorial chapel that infuses not only a serene and relaxing ambiance, but also the luxuries and comfort that bereaved families deserve.

The chapels are carefully designed so as to give honor and dignity to the deceased. They provide preparation areas in all types of chapels, allowing a more comforting sense of privacy for those who mourn. The terrace and the picturesque view that one can experience from the chapels’ windows allow bereaved families to find solace and peace amidst the loss.

Indeed, Acropolis Gardens is made to comfort bereaved families and to provide the best death care services.



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Bacolod Memorial Park

Bacolod Memorial Park is considered as one the most significant landmarks in Bacolod City. It is the first memorial park ever developed in Visayas, having broken ground in 1966. It never fails to deliver that feeling of “coming home.” The urban landscape and nature’s tranquility converge in this perfect resting place that will continue to serve generation after generation.

It started its journey towards being the premiere memorial sanctuary in the city way back in 1966. Its visionary chairman Mr. Ramon Lacson, envisioned a memorial park that will truly define what a perfect resting place is, and this has indeed come true. Today, Bacolod Memorial Park stands as a testament to the great minds behind the success of Teresa Development Corporation and has become synonymous to Bacolod City, one of the most revered landmarks that the city is truly proud of.

Bacolod Memorial Park can be defined as the perfect resting place for a loved one. The area is a masterpiece in itself, providing a feeling of serenity and calm as one drives through the entrance. You will be greeted by well-taken cared of greenery, exemplifying the message of love and care. The plots are arranged in such an orderly manner that you will totally feel comforted. The lovely trees that line the main pathway, as well as those that are located near some of the plots, give the message of tranquility and stillness.

From the entrance, you will be able to see the chapel afar, sitting right at the center of the vast expanse of greenery, giving solace to bereaved families and friends. The chapel provides an area where you can easily find some quiet time and to simply rest in the solitude of the place.

Just nearby is the reception hall, which provides a resting area for those who grieve and express their sympathy to bereaved families. The hall is adequately furnished, and is built in a manner to allow the proper ventilation.

The beauty and still ambiance of Bacolod Memorial Park is further highlighted by the lovely mausoleums that line the sides, as well as those that are located in the inner area of the park. They are so carefully designed and built, the word beautiful will come so easily to mind as you behold them.

In terms of the price, there is no doubt about it, because you will always be getting value for a price that is truly affordable. There are a host of packages that you can choose from, one that will provide future security without creating a huge dent in the budget.

With the beauty and affordability offered by Bacolod Memorial Park, now is the best time to prepare for the eventualities of life and rid your family of the worries when such time comes.

Why choose Bacolod Memorial Park to be the final resting place of your dearly departed?

Everything about Bacolod Memorial Park signifies perfection and solitude.

It is a vast expanse of greenery that makes you remember a quiet and peaceful time, which is a far cry from the busy hustles and bustles of city life.

From the entrance, you could see the beautiful and tasteful arrangement of the plots. Delicately and finely constructed mausoleums line the sides of the park, likening the setup to that of a kingly courtyard. A traditional chapel sits at the heart of the park, providing a place of comfort for loved ones who shall come to visit their beloved. A multi-purpose hall awaits those who wish to find some reprieve after long hours of giving strength and support to bereaved families. Caretakers make sure that the park preserves the quality of the greenery and that plots always look their finest.

The elegance, beauty, relaxing ambiance and excellent amenities in Bacolod Memorial Park, make it by far the best final resting place for a loved one.

With all the great things that the memorial park has to offer, many people thought that the price is not anywhere near affordable. However, this entirely was a misconception. You will be quite surprised that Bacolod Memorial Park is actually a haven minus the high price tag. Discover it yourself.


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